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I live the life of Bar hoppers , cherry poppers , Clock stoppers , acid droppers
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Date: 2007-05-23 23:52
Subject: Some people like hot water for the shower , some people don't. And there's nothing in between.
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I looked 2 entries back and realized how gay it is.
I just got out of the shower i've been dreaming of all day. Nicole told me that they are going over to kinneret for camping and asked me if i want to join. Getting out of tel-aviv for a while? Wow , sounds great! So i took Adz along with me and we ended up getting ready and set for camping for less then half an hour and jumped on the ride. The team was some girls from work , their friends , nicole , ilan me and Adam. The girls from work and their spanish "amigos" turned out to be the army of the darkness so it was basically me adz nicole and ilan out there. Setting the tents, collecting wood , lighting up the camp fire, lighting up the barbecue and we were eating (and skinning up) as the night went by we got more and more stoned , played the guitar and you know whatever you do at the beach at night on camping. The next day the lake and the sun was amazing. Got fried by the sun , swam at the sea , met the mysterious 33 year old. Oh and the sea horse with amazingly big tits. On the way back we stopped for lunch at these stop by places on highways, had nice lunch drove around 1,5 hours and gave another stop and gan shumuel for tea and coffes and ofcourse , shopping. Finally i had to chance to buy ben-gay for my sore muscles (that i fucked up in the gym) , pair of jeans from lee cooper that costed me 500 shecks and a nice t-shirt.
On the way back i was thinking that finally i also did the "other trip" that i've been wanting to do. To jump in the car and drive to binyamina. We passed by (and even stopped by) every place that we used to do with siv. Whenever i'm out of big relationships i just have to change the country to avoid this shit and this time i can't so i have to deal with it. Anyway , every place sort of brought back another memory and just wanted to be with her for a minute and tought about all that shit again.. I have no idea what's going on, it's like i'm dealing with it the worst way, just ignoring it, trying to act like it's not there since the beginning of the end. Whatever, if i have to face it , then i'll face it, if this is what is gonna make me move on,because i'm reacting so weird to girls lately this should change. Bukemedigin eli opuceksin. I guess we were just so different from one another or i don't know what it is..Am i blind? Show me. That's what i'm talking about on the subject line , some people like hot water for the shower, some peole don't.And there's nothing in between.
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Date: 2007-05-14 18:54
Subject: =0)
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KOVA: *Ocak 20 - Şubat 18* Sıcak, İnsancıl, Dürüst, Sadık, Orijinal, Yaratıcı, Özgür ve Zeki İnatçı, Aksi, Yarı-Deli.

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Date: 2007-05-11 23:08
Subject: Rerout to remain (a mushroom honored)
Security: Public
Location:the basev2
Music:Bob Marley
Ta ta ta taaaa!
Dreads are gone. Yeah , it took less then 10 minutes when i got to the hairdresser's and the next thing i know i was collecting my dreads into a plastic bag. The final step of the re-route. It feels great. Finally i'm so close..so close. I'm FREE.

Today is another page in my life. Another turn , another way. See how you can use your talents and do what you like to do at the same time. It feels so satisfying.. I got my tips, my stones and my self-esteem! I'm ready...
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Date: 2007-05-04 19:19
Subject: HighTimes..
Security: Public
Location:Amsterdam (Sheeba Coffee shop)
Music:Amsterdam Commercial
I'm writing this *fact:Trying to write this* in a Coffee shop located deep in the red light district of Amsterdam holding a white widow joint in my hand and enjoying the afternoon..
The atmosphere is amazing here and this city is Alive man.
Here with the company on a business trip , taking care of their business as well as my own business :) It's defenitely peaceful down here and it feels home. All of you reading this should come down her and feel the vibes :)
I wanted to write about how much i andvanced in life and where it's taking me but screw it , it's just amazingly relaxing here and i can't bother with that shit now , thus i tell y'all ta-ta and going back to chilling on a more comfortable place.

I love Amsterdam :)
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Date: 2007-05-02 01:15
Subject: Amsterdam
Security: Public
Location:the base v2
Mood:jumping around singingggggggggjumping around singinggggggggg
Music:The offspring
i'm flying to amsterdam in 4 hours. I'm home getting stoned , waiting for my friends to arrive to go to the airport :)

I'm going for a business trip. Ja - ja really! :)

will be back in 5 days.. 5 nice days in amsterdam (!)
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Date: 2007-04-27 22:40
Subject: DreadUNlock
Security: Public
Location:the base
I'm going to cut my dreads :(
With my life style it's not easy to keep them , and i feel like it's time to change my look since i'm not making music anymore. It's gonna be so very weird until i'll get used to be with short hair again but i'll have to do it sometime anyway and i feel it's time. No i don't know when. Probably after amsterdam, in Turkey.

Flying to amsteram on wednesday for a couple of days. Business&fun. After i get back to Israel i'm planning to go to Turkey to see my family and friends. I haven't been there almost 2 years. Why? just didn't really want to.

Yesterday i had VIP tickets for the macabi game in the evening (basketball) so i took adz with me. It was fun the whole box thing , drinking and enjoying the game with friends from work. The game was boring though , maccabi is absolutely the best team thus no game is really intersting since its very predictable what will happen.

Most of my friends (and one of my exs) told me that they saw sivan at this party in florentin *i hate florentin so i didn't go , actually i was stoned the ENTIRE day on indipendence day. partied hard the next day*. Also before that people were reporting me about sivan. Guys ,chill the fuck out , i don't wanna hear these things , it doesn't change anything and it doesn't mean anything either. I gotta say one thing though , my ex told me that she told her that if i wanna go back to her , i should change. Change my balls , i'm trying so hard not to be&think like her. I'm still messed up anyway.

anywayz so that's it. Tomorrow i'll be out all day. ta-ta!
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Date: 2007-04-20 13:10
Subject: Walking on the moon
Security: Public
Location:the base v2.01
Music:the police
i'm confused about missing who :)
the past two days passed by with missing siv, eventhough she is a feminist bitch (like fiona apple is) i still remember the feeling when i looked into her eyes. It doesn't happen to me often and i really tought-still think-that she was (is) the one. I don't think anymore that the person that's meant for you is supposed to be EXACTLY the way you want her to be, just know that , if you got a person that's perfect for you and you feel 'true love' , marry her/him. Now.Don't wait.
It's not my fault that she was the chosen one for me, and it's not her fault that she's the way she's. I'm hoping that i'll find someone who'll make me feel the same but since we broke up, all the girls i fuck or spend time with, it ends somehow and it's just because they are not siv.
I was reading the mails from Debbie, which i still keep in a special folder in my hotmail account , total 200 emails. Every word is meaningful , every mail written drenched in love. She's long gone but when i read the mails ,i missed her too. So i guess i miss love , afraid so much that i won't find the one. My standarts got way higher and in israel it's either crazy girls , dumb bitches , 'kusiot' = fairly good looking girls thinking they are the best because there's not much around , with insufficent intelligence or the ugly girls dressing up sexy to cover their shit up.
No body knows how to dress here anyway.

I'm going to drill holes in my wall, i got a new mirror. Huge.

Some may say,
i'm wishing my days away.. No way!
And if it's the price i pay, some say
Tomorrow's another day, you'll stay
so i may as well play...
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Date: 2007-04-18 13:53
Subject: Ca$h Machine
Security: Public
Let's see.....
what do i need for my new flat?

A plasma screen tv , ps3 , confortable arm chairs , a good surround sound system , bag of weed , block of hash , my best friends , a lot of bitches..

hmm..done! :) soon. SOON.

ps: Deb.. I miss you. Tell your parents that i did it.
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Date: 2007-04-15 17:58
Subject: Another one bites the dust (NT national anthem)
Security: Public
Music:another one bites the dust - Queen
So many people got fired today.Very weird day.
I'm still with the company.I'm proud of myself :) and sorry for the people that are gone :( .
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Date: 2007-04-12 00:54
Subject: King for a month
Security: Public
Location:the base
It all started with losing europa.The fall.It was an adventurous 10 months building , advancing , and ruling a market.
Now i have new challenges , turkey is gone but the game is on like it's been never before.

I must say i'm greatful for my work being appriciated though. Many 10x to Amedeo.You are appriciated.(for your support in all sorts).
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