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Seal the deal - I live the life of Bar hoppers , cherry poppers , Clock stoppers , acid droppers
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Date: 2007-07-24 01:10
Subject: Seal the deal
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Location:Home... Finally
Tonight wasn't so bad.. I mean it could be always better but that's just because i've become a perfectionist about my work and you can't possibly surround every little detail and WIN IT ALL. It's just not possible , maybe possible but with all we had , i guess we did our best anyway to give it a start.
In a couple of weeks this whole thing will hopefully start. If not , i don't know... But i see absolutely no reason for it not to start. So let's see.. I'm happy that things are finally concludning , it's just too exhausting to live between your career at work and your personal career.

I moved in with Deborah! Uh-huh yeah! It's F U N . Not only we completely agree on things , we also complete eachother. It feels like i found the right piece for the puzzle at a very unexpected time and at a very unexpected place. As i always say "Life is so WeIrDly UNpreDiCTable". It's great though when you have such a surprise as Deb..

Earlier today i was emptying my appartment since i gave it away yesterday. David helped me out , we were done in about an hour. It was fun defenitely. During the emptying process Amos Dropped by and just slowed us down. Sometimes he can be a total naive jackass :) God, i love him.

I'm going to bed. Already two nights i'm not heading the bed with debs and she's already hating it. I just got a health report from the doctor phorbitting me to go to work for three days! "Abnominal Pains" .. Uhhh.. ;)

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